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Team Meeting 19/10/18


Kelly Seuren

Tim Daczko

Alex Cowan

Kyle Cowan

Fiona Wilkinson - minute taker



What did we do well this week? Quality of jobs completed Happy customers

Any opportunities for improvement identified? Workshop - Material racks Workshop - rearrange for better functionality Paperwork - needs to come back to office ACTION:

Any incidents this week? Tim broke a glass sheet due to rushing

Review actions from last week's meetings.

Delivery notices - when a delivery is received not if it's checked & approved or needs reorder with your name and date then put in To Book trayUte check listBalustrade installation instructions - need the how added to what is already doneChristmas shutdown notice



Our work has inherent risks involved, some are more serious than others. Being alert about critical risks around you is a necessary action for all of us.How do you identify all the risks on site?Whose responsibility is this?What are our policies and procedures to manage risks?

We’ll be going over these in more detail in the coming weeks, but today we’re going to outline High Risk and Hazzardous activities.

You can find information on all of these in the SWMS & we will soon be using them in Fergus

We are required to assess each job, identify the risks, minimize them as far as practical and document this information. Currently we have a broad SWMS that covers the majority of our work but this will get more specific as we develop our work practices.

What is the difference between a high risk activity and a hazard?

High Risk – 18 high risk construction work activities defined in the WHS Regulations – not all apply to our work. Undertaking any of these activities requires the preparation of a Safe Work Methods Statement (SWMS)

Hazzards are defined as “work of a minor nature”


  • Working at heights

  • Working around asbestos

  • Demolition of load-bearing structure

  • Requires temporary load-bearing support for structural alterations or repairs

  • Working on confined spaces

  • Working with electricity & power tools

  • Traffic Management

  • Hot Works


Defined as:

  • Require minimal control measures to manage risks

  • Require little or no pre-start preparation to the work areas small scale and often of short durationDoesn’t impact the existing building design/structure

  • Can by undertaken with minimal supervision

  • Can be completed using hand doors and light-duty materials

  • Has minimal effect on public areas such as roads and footpaths

Our Identified Hazzards are:

  • Use of personal protective equipment

  • Working outside

  • Manual handling

  • Safe working area

  • Plant equipment and power tools

  • Deliveries on site

  • Moving & storing glass

  • Installation of glass

  • Applying adhesives

  • Reglaze work

  • Installation of flyscreens


It’s essential to look after each other on the job. Intervene or speak up if you see something dangerous or not right, report any incidents or near misses, and pause and plan the work before starting.

For each job, talk through the risks so everyone understands what to do when they come across a critical risk or hazard.

  • Walk through the site and identify any potential hazards and the best way to reduce or eliminate them.

  • Use the Risk Assessment Table in our SWMS to identify the risk rating for each hazard & how it will be managed, reduced or eliminated

  • Document the hazards and actions in Fergus



Discussed another business that had an asbestos incident recently. Asbestos was removed without knowing what it was. Action: Everyone to review how to identify asbestos

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