• Kiama Glass

Team Meeting 12/10/18


Kelly Seuren

Lena Seuren

Tim Daczko

Alex Cowan

Kyle Cowan

Fiona Wilkinson - minute taker



What did we do well this week? Great work on installations due to preparation, organisation and communication Good teamwork Incoming deliveries box - putting the delivery notice in there so the guys know it's there to be checked

Any opportunities for improvement identified? Job preparation - getting this done consistently ACTION: Delivery notices - Check the job and pack the box of materials if able. - Add to the job file and put this in the "to book" tray. - Admin will then check if all items have been received and job is ready for install or put job file back in 'ordered'if we're waiting on more materials.

AGREED: Once we have the ute and job checklists finalised, if anything required for a job is left behind the time to go back to the workshop and collect it will be made up in additional unpaid work hours.

Any incidents this week? None reported


TOOLBOX TALK: Work, Health & Safety Policy

Have you heard of the WHS policy? Do you know where to find it? What do you know about it?

The purpose of the WHS Policy is to ensure everyone who works at Kiama Glass goes home safe and healthy every night. It's an agreementon health and safety between Kiama Glass and our team.

Team read through WHS policy and agreed we are meeting our commitments in respect to this.



Process Manual ACTION: Tim & Alex Document the procedure for installing balustrade from checking materials when they delivered to job finalisation.

ACTION: Tim & Alex Put together a checklist of the ute - tools & materials that need to be in it. This will be checked each Monday

Fergus ACTION: Tim & Alex Download app on phone and start recording time on jobs

Team Portal This is available through the Team Login at the bottom of our website. Here you'll find our employee manual, Team Meeting notes etc.

Uniform We will supply new uniform shirts shortly.

TAFE Dates Tim - 29/10 to 2/11 Alex - 12-16/11

Christmas Holiday Notification ACTION: Lena/Fiona to do official shut down notice

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