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Empolyee Manual

It is not possible for the Employee Handbook to cover all aspects of the operation and administration of Kiama Glass. However, in respect of those issues dealt with in it, the Employee Handbook sets out how all employees are to conduct themselves and the processes which are to be followed. Employees must comply with the policies and procedures contained in this Employee Handbook.

Where there is an inconsistency between the Employee Handbook and an employee’s letter of appointment, the letter of appointment prevails to the extent of any inconsistency.

To meet the changing environment in which Kiama Glass operates, it will be necessary to amend the Employee Handbook from time to time. Kiama Glass will give employees notice of any substantial changes to the Employee Handbook, and employees will be required to follow the changed policies and procedures.The contents of the Employee Handbook are confidential and should not be disclosed or discussed outside Kiama Glass without Kiama Glass’ prior consent.



Employees’ duties are set out in their letters of appointment or employment agreements and include any other duties advised by Kiama Glass from time to time.

Whenever employees experience difficulty in understanding or performing any aspect of their duties they should seek assistance from Kelly Seuren.

All employees should perform their duties and represent Kiama Glass in a professional and courteous manner.

Employees must at all times act in the best interests of, and promote the interests of, Kiama Glass.

Employees should behave professionally towards clients at all times. Behaving professionally towards clients is matter of commonsense. It includes being polite when dealing with clients (whether in person, on the phone, or via written communications, including email). It also includes refraining from speaking critically about, or defaming Kiama Glass’ clients.

Employees should maintain an awareness of the services offered by Kiama Glass. Employees should be alert to opportunities to ‘add value’ to Kiama Glass’ clients by providing additional services.

Employees should reply promptly to any client enquiries. Employees may address clients either by the first name or by Mr/Mrs and Surname.

All employees represent Kiama Glass, both during and outside working hours. Employees should not at any time engage in conduct which could damage or discredit Kiama Glass’ reputation. If any employee’s out-of-work conduct has a relevant connection with their employment, or is contrary to Kiama Glass’ interests, Kiama Glass may take disciplinary action to address an employee’s out-of-work conduct.

If an employee knows or suspects that a client:

(a) is dissatisfied with Kiama Glass’ services; or

(b) is reluctant to provide information necessary for Kiama Glass to supply services,the employee should report the matter as soon as possible to their supervisor.

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