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Email & Internet Policy

Kiama Glass sets out the rules for the proper use of its computer systems, internet and email resources as follows. Because of the opportunity for misuse of these resources, Kiama Glass believes that it is necessary to set down some basic rules.

It is every employee’s responsibility to ensure that computer systems and internet and email facilities are used responsibly and in accordance with this policy.

All users of Kiama Glass’s computer systems, email and internet facilities (including employees), consultants, contractors, work experience students and other authorised users (Users), are responsible for using computer systems, email and Internet facilities in a professional, ethical and lawful manner. Users are provided with access to computer systems, email and the internet to assist with the performance of their duties. All computer systems and data belong to Kiama Glass and may only be used for authorised purposes.

All of Kiama Glass’ Users are required to comply with this policy.

The objectives of this policy are to:

  • set out the responsibilities associated with the use of internet and e-mail via Kiama Glass’s systems, for the benefit of all who use it; and

  • minimise the risks associated with improper use of the internet and e-mail.

What does this policy cover?

This policy covers access and use of the following:

(a) searching the web;

(b) internal e-mail (sent or received); and

(c) external e-mail (sent or received).

Breaches of this policy may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.



Any passwords issued by Kiama Glass must be kept strictly confidential by the User.

All communications sent via external e-mail must contain the standard disclaimer provided by Kiama Glass in relation to the content of the e-mail message or attachments.Email at Kiama Glass:

  • is not private – it belongs to Kiama Glass;

  • can be monitored and read at anytime by Kiama Glass;

  • uses Kiama Glass’ name and address and therefore may give the impression that the sender is speaking with the authority of Kiama Glass (even though this may not be the case and Kiama Glass may not have authorised this); and

  • can in certain circumstances be inspected by parties outside of Kiama Glass (for example, in the event of litigation).

The following activities are strictly prohibited: (a) sending, receiving, displaying, printing or otherwise disseminating material that is fraudulent, illegal, embarrassing, sexually explicit, obscene, intimidating, defamatory, or that would amount to harassment; (b) using Kiama Glass’ internet resources for unauthorised commercial or personal advertisements, solicitations, promotions, political material or any other similar use unless it is expressly authorised by your supervisor or partner; (c) accessing the internet other than through Kiama Glass’ security system, for example, accessing the internet directly by modem is strictly prohibited; (d) allowing external access to your computer via a modem; (e) subscribing to mailing lists, sending unsolicited email messages and participating in chain letters; (f) sending email using somebody else’s email address unless such use is expressly authorised; and (g) violating the intellectual property rights of others, such as breaching copyrights by copying graphics or text material, or using other licensed software without proper authorisation.; and (h) accessing customer contact details for reasons unrelated to work.

Breaches of the email and internet policy may result in disciplinary action being taken against Users ranging from the withdrawal of system access to dismissal.



Accessing web sites which contain material that is illegal, embarrassing, sexually explicit, obscene, intimidating, defamatory, racist or sexist, or that are generally inappropriate, is strictly prohibited.

Accessing internet chat rooms is strictly prohibited.

Internet ‘surfing’ must only be conducted for a specific work-related purpose.Users with access to the internet acknowledge that the system administrator may from time to time check the cache folders on their computers to ensure that prohibted materials are not being viewed.



No Users shall introduce any external data to Kiama Glass’s computer network in any media form whatsoever unless the media has been checked and approved by the system administrator for use on the network. All media is to be virus scanned by the system administrator or a person appointed by the system administrator to carry out such checks.

No Users shall make any changes whatsoever to he structure or setup of their computers operating system or associated applications. Such changes include the alteration of screensavers, background images/wallpapers, sound schemes, desktop folders or shortcuts, or physical operating characteristics of their workstation. If any User has difficulty working with certain colours or screen resolutions they should speak to the system administrator to arrange the necessary changes.

No User is to carry out any form of maintenance or repair to their workstation, software or hardware related, without the consent of the system administrator.



Any computer software Kiama Glass uses on its computer network is available through agreement with the owners of the software. As such, it is imperative that Users use the software strictly in accordance with Kiama Glass’ directions to ensure that the agreements with the software owners are not breached.

Unauthorised copying of software used on Kiama Glass’ computer network is illegal and no duplicate should be taken.

No User is to use Kiama Glass’ computer network to access or use other software in breach of the rights of the software owners. No Users should introduce any software, computer discs or computer programmes to Kiama Glass’ computer network if they are unsure of the source of that material or whether it is contaminated in any way. Before any software, computer discs, computer programmes are introduced to Kiama Glass’ computer network, Kiama Glass’ computer virus protection programme should be applied.



Kiama Glass may, upon provision of notice required by law, monitor Users’ use of email or Internet facilities, in accordance with such notice.

Where there is no requirement at law to provide notice of intended email or Internet surveillance, Kiama Glass may monitor Users’ use of these facilities without the provision of notice.

Email surveillance undertaken by Kiama Glass may include, but is not limited to, monitoring and reading email traffic both sent from and received by any email address owned by Kiama Glass or an email address that is accessed from a Kiama Glass computer.

Internet surveillance undertaken by Kiama Glass may include, but is not limited to:

monitoring the Internet sites that are accessed by Users;monitoring the type of information downloaded from the Internet to any Kiama Glass computers or data drives;monitoring the importing and exporting of any data to or from any Kiama Glass computers by any portable media storage device, for example, USB memory sticks, hard drives or zip drives.

For any issues not covered by this policy, use common sense as the guiding principal. If you have any queries in respect of Internet or email use, please contact your supervisor.

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